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Wellness for women

Wellness is a state of physical, mental and emotional well being. Most of us relegate our state of wellness to the far reaches of our consciousness. We tend to believe that health is just the absence of disease.

Srikumari loves her job. She also wants her children to be toppers in school. She makes sure that her husband can come home to a well kept and lovely home. She loves to cook amazing meals for her family and basks in their praise. She smiles as she takes her mother-in-law to the temple and does not mention the splitting headache she had when she escorted her father-in-law to his medical check-up. Srikumari sometimes feels that she could run away from home and find bliss! She just does not "feel well".

Living in the 21st century is an exhilarating and energizing experience. Women never had it so good. We are empowered in many ways. Educational avenues are opening up every day. Career opportunities are making women on par with men in the employment arena.

Unfortunately, all this newfound independence comes with a price. In our spanking new roles, we still cannot shed the traditional role of mother, wife, daughter, and daughter-in-law. You may be a top executive in a company but your sick child will want only you by his side when he is ill. You may be a traditional housewife, focused on giving your children the best but may be stressed with the need to help your child achieve her potential. In this brave new world, we juggle our roles. Most of the time we manage our different roles with aplomb but all this does engender stress.

Women have an innate need to please their family. Society has also imposed on us some specific duties. Too, women judge themselves and others of the same sex with definite yardsticks. Keeping a neat and orderly home, pleasing our husbands, bringing up accomplished children, taking care of old and sick parents and in-laws and still managing to look good is a utopia that often eludes us.

Indian women are at high risk for developing hypertension, diabetes and obesity, which alone or in combination can result in heart disease. How long women survive with some diseases, such as uterine cancer and breast cancer, is directly related to how early the disease is found. So what can we do to enhance our wellness and at the same time try to avoid disease?

Srikumari must realize that the first thing she has to do is to create time for herself in the day. Moderate physical exercise, eating right and taking care of her emotional needs with stress-busters like yoga, pranayama, listening to music or just curling up with a good book will go a long way towards making her feel well again.

This website will address issues that Indian women encounter in their quest for wellness. We will deal with strategies to enhance and maintain good health.

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Tip of the Day:

Avoid antibiotic overuse

Do it for your children: By overusing antibiotics, we are helping the evolution of bacteria which will not respond to most antibiotics. Hospitals are already seeing patients whose infections are responding only to astoundingly expensive antibiotics. If you want your children and grandchildren to be safe, think twice before you pop that antibiotic.


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"...explained in detail in eloquent and simple words. A book to be recommended for every couple...amply illustrated by colour diagrams and colour photographs that make the reading much easier."
Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, Professor and Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, St. George's University of London

"...welcome this much needed book in a country where the largest number of babies are born every year and with a large number of women and families bedeviled by myths...bossing of elders...and lack of education. It reassures, influences and inspires. For all women, pregnant or wanting to become pregnant, and their husbands, this book is a must-read..."
Dr Shirish Sheth, Past President, International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

"In India there has been a vacuum in good childbirth and childcare books that would appeal to the urban and educated couple... it literally holds the hands of the mother-to-be and brings the modern father into actively participating in the wondrous world of childbearing, a sphere that he was kept out of till recently in the Indian social system. This is a great book that is truly a passport to a new world for Indian parents-to-be and a definitive pregnancy guide. It is also a wonderful present to give to a mother-to-be!"
Padmini Natarajan, Eve's Touch

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